About Us

About Us

Commerce Publishing is your one-stop shop for every online aspect of your business. For the past 21 years, we've been helping clients like you thrive online.

Our experience allows us to see the BIG PICTURE and provide our clients with the most comprehensive web services and support. We offer a full range of professional services to help you succeed online including consulting, marketing, design & development, programming and hosting.

We're committed to providing the best customer service experience to each of our clients and operate by these guiding principles:

We're real people and business owners just like you. You're probably inundated with spam from random companies from some corner of the Earth promising you everything and delivering nothing. We are laser focused on delivering measurable results for your business. That means more targeted leads, customers and sales.

We do not believe in locking you into a long term contract. If you are satisfied with the results, you'll keep using our services. If you're not getting the results you expect, then you are free to stop service at any time.

We work hard for your business. We put forth the time and effort that is necessary to improve your profitability. Although we use some tools to make our job easier, running a marketing campaign with multiple components still takes alot of work.

Marketing isn't magic or computer science (ok, it's a little bit of computer science). It's a skill that we have learned and we will always price our services fairly.

We're partnering with your company and every partnership requires good communication. We're happy to discuss your questions or concerns. You can call us or email at anytime.

Things change. It's our job to keep up with the latest online trends and developments that affect your business and make sure you continue to get awesome results.

We believe in providing a professional service while never forgetting that a good laugh now and then never hurt anyone.

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