Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Making sure you appear when clients in your city search for your business or local products and services that you offer.

Local SEO

Where do customers in your city find the products and services they need? Online! No one drags out a 20lb phone directory. They hop online or search on their phone. Local marketing insures that your business appears at the top of the search engines when customers in your area look for the products and services you offer.

Google Places Optimization

Citation Cleanup & Building

Search Engine Maps SEO

Search Engine Organic SEO

We offer a local SEO and marketing strategy that is created specifically for your business to target potential customers in your geographic trade area. One of the key methods for your success in local search results is accurate listings in business directories such as Yelp. Once your business directory listings are claimed and completed, we'll focus on building targeted local and hyper-local backlinks to increase your presence in the Maps and organic search results.

We'll help you implement a strategy to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews and intercept bad feedback and redirect it to customer service before it harms your reputation. Finally, with local search results you have the opportunity to virtually erase your competition from the screen by ranking multiple business properties on the first page of results such as your Facebook page, YouTube Channel, or blog.

Local Marketing FAQs

When Will I See Results?

That depends on a lot of factors, like what keywords you're trying to rank for, how many good links you've already got, how clean your citations are, how tough your competitors are, etc. However, local keywords are often much less competitive than broader keywords. Once local marketing work has begun, you could start seeing improvements in your rankings right away. You should expect the greatest benefits from SEO in 3 to 6 months.

Who Do We Work With?

We work best with companies that have a business in a local market or trade area whether that's a single city or an entire metropolitan area. We specialize in helping service professionals in healthcare, home improvement, legal, finance/insurance, real estate, local retail, entertainment, and hospitality. We also help non-profit groups and associations.

How Much Does It Cost?

Local marketing is usually a monthly fee determined by the competition for the selected keywords in your city.

Why Us?

Our experience allows us to see the BIG PICTURE and provide our clients with the most comprehensive web services and support. Learn more about us.

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